I'm Madalyn, not to be confused with the little French girl Madeline, though I too sport red hair. I am a freelance graphic designer & prop stylist based in Detroit, MI. Add agency signed model to that list & you may simply call me a modern day renaissance woman.

By contributing my energy & ever growing talents to honest work I aim to make my lasting mark in a way which positively impacts the planet & sparks an emotional reaction in viewers. My design philosophy is quite simple: I devoutly subscribe to Dieter Rams' ten principles of good design & honor form simultaneously with function. I look to the golden past as well as my natural surroundings for inspiration in my creative ventures. By being open to new methods & materials I've carved a niche for myself in being malleable & able to paint a succinct picture across multiple platforms.

In my free time I avidly garden, craft do-it-yourself solutions to everyday problems, & hunt for treasures of times past. Some other passions include food & mixology, swing dancing, yoga, & an undying affinity to the arts & quality craftsmanship.